Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Help Mitchell Aulds-Stier Support Water.org

Mitchell Aulds-Stier shows his support for the cause of clean water by educating others and working with Water.org and other nonprofits.

Water is seemingly all around us yet...

783 million people do not have access to clean water. If you stop to think about that for a moment, that’s well over two times the population of the United States. It’s over two-thirds the population of India. It’s over half the population of China. These are the most populous nations in the entire world and yet we find it hard to imagine that such large numbers could be without clean water to drink or for sanitary purposes. Isn’t that incredible? Yet, depending on where we are, we can’t even imagine the world without clean water.
Mitchell Aulds-Stier nonprofits

Mitchell Aulds-Stier along with organizations all over the world works to raise money and create charitable organizations that can help provide people in developing nations with clean water for sanitation, drinking and cooking purposes. This is hugely important in these nations where people can spend up to as much as half their entire day traveling by foot to the nearest source of water, fetching it, and then sterilizing it by boiling it. This process diminishes their time to take care of other matters such as attending school, preventing sufficient education that is needed to further the development of these nations.

Without the help of volunteers and community leaders such as Mitchell Aulds-Stier, these countries will be stuck in a vicious cycle of not being able to receive education and thus remaining unable to contribute to the needed development the economy. That’s why one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, Matt Damon, has teamed up with Gary White to create an organization that focuses on bringing safe water and sanitation to those who need it.

With their organization, Water.org, they are using a “proven and powerful” approach to change as many lives as they can with their programs. They accept donations from anyone who wishes to help these people. Additionally, they strive to help these developing nations become self-sufficient nations.

How Can You Help?

Mitchell Aulds-Stier encourages others to continue to spread the message about the clean water crisis and educate others in their communities. Set up your own fundraising page or contribute to the page Mitchell Aulds-Stier has already created: http://give.water.org/fundraiser/5017/#. Even the smallest contribution either through donation, or sharing the cause with friends and family can go a long way.

The main countries that the foundation is focused on are: Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, Tanzania, and Uganda, where a large amount of the land is arid desert land, devoid of water for many kilometers or miles.

Water is the lifeblood of the planet and every single nation deserves to have clean water flowing through the pipes of each and every home of every individual and family. Let’s make that a reality by donating and pledging small amounts that will greatly improve the infrastructure of these developing nations and get them the clean working water systems they need to help their citizens grow and prosper.

To learn about more non profits and ways to help the community, be sure to follow Mitchell Aulds-Stier on Quora.

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