Monday, December 5, 2016

How to Find Volunteer Opportunities

Mitchell Aulds-Stier has served his community as a volunteer for many years, working with a number of groups and organizations.

If you are looking to find volunteer opportunities, the best place to start is in your own neighborhood. If you look close to home you may already have people that you can reach out to without having to worry about commutes or travel expenses. Many people take on volunteer opportunities in order to enhance their CV’s. There are many people and organizations looking for volunteers, but unfortunately most people don’t know where to start.

Mitchell Aulds-Stier How to Find Volunteer Opportunities

After exploring your local neighborhood, Mitchell Aulds-Stier suggests the next place to go to find volunteer opportunities is the internet. There are volunteer sites set up to help people just like you find the work they are looking for, whether full or part-time.

Throughout his volunteering, Mitchell Aulds-Stier has utilized a tremendous number of resources from the internet to connect with local non-profit organizations. He recommends stopping by the non-profit organizations and speak with other community organizers to find. Depending on the type of work, you may need to undergo a criminal record check especially if you are working with children or vulnerable people. This is to ensure their safety and of course to keep within company policies.

Spend time talking with friends and colleagues to cultivate potential areas of interest. It is important to have a deep passion for the area in which you will be volunteering. Perhaps it may even be worthwhile to explore your interests by spending a few hours volunteering with several organizations in order to solidify which areas you truly connect with.

Community centers and churches often reach out for volunteers, both of which are terrific resources for finding out about more volunteer opportunities. You don’t have to search far for people looking for your services so long as you can prove your willingness and dependability. You can donate a little or a lot of your time so long as you meet the criteria and could find yourself gaining skills that help you further your career in the future.

If you have a local council, it is likely to have information on projects taking place in your community that you are able to partake in. This could help you to get to know the people in your community and give something back to others in the area that you live. From helping walk dogs for those that are unable, to working voluntarily in a nursing home, or soup kitchen, there are many opportunities out there for volunteers, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you!

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